Spring 2017

MAY 22

Jen Nwankwo, PhD.

Healthcare Strategist and Investor Bain & Company, Boston, MA

“Target Validation of Calpain-1 as a Novel Regulator of Platelet Hyperactivity and Pain Sensitivity in a Humanized Mouse Model of Severe Sickle Cell Disease”

JAN 25

Dr. Qinglian Liu, Associate Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine

“Structural and Biochemical Studies of HSP 70 Molecular Chaperones”

FEB 22

Dr. Young-Hoon Ahn, Assistant Professor

Wayne State University, Division of Chemistry

"Chemical Approaches for Characterizing Protein Glutathionylation"


Dr. Joseph L. McClay, Assistant Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University, Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science

“Genes and Epigenetic Mechanisms Mediating Central Nervous System Drug Response”

MAR 22

Dr. John J. Ryan, Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Biology

“Statins Inhibit Mast Cell-Mediated Inflammation”


Dr. Karl Krueger, Program Director

National Cancer Institute, Maryland, Division of Cancer Prevention

“Research Funding by the National Cancer Institute: An Insiders Perspective”

APR 19

Caren L. Freel Meyers, Associate Professor

John Hopkins Medicine, Maryland, Dept. of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

"Targeting a Bacterial Metabolic Branch Point through Inhibition of DXP Synthase"


Dr. Sandro R da Rocha, Associate Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Pharmaceutics

“Dendrimer Nanocarries for Transport Modulation Across the Pulmonary Epithelium”