Dr. Umesh R. Desai

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Dr. Darrell Peterson

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Dr. Darrell Peterson, Dr. Keith Ellis

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Dr. Keith Ellis

An intestinal stem cell niche in Apc mutated neoplasia targetable by CtBP inhibition.

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Dr. Martin Safo

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Dr. Glen Kellogg and Dr. Yan Zhang

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Co-authors:  Wang H, Xu P

Dr. Jiong Li

Low Doses of Decitabine Improve the Chemotherapy Efficacy against Basal-like Bladder Cancer by Targeting Cancer Stem Cells. 
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Onocogene. March 27, 2019 

Dr. Youzhong Guo

Structure and activity of lipid bilayer within a membrane-protein transporter

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)

Co-authors: Weihua Qiu, Ziao Fu, Guoyan G. Xu, Robert A. Grassucci, Yan Zhang, Joachim Frank, Wayne A. Hendrickson

Dr. Faik Musayev

Nitrosative stress sensing in Porphyromonas gingivalis: structure of and heme binding by the transcriptional regulator HcpR.

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Co-authors: Belvin BR, Burgner J, Scarsdale JN, Escalante CR, Lewis JP.